3 reasons to join us:


1. Latest and high quality fitness facilities which are suitable for supporting physical development of children among different age groups

2. Help your kids get used to playing sports and encourage them to break their limits. 

3. Enhance health and bring happiness for your children with our sport lessons



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Training program

Training with MFA trainers

• Members will be tracked body index with inbody test before and after the training program. 

Each member will be trained by one MFA trainer during the training.

• Our curriculum is designed specially based on different ability of each member. 

• Training time is flexible.

Fee: 300.000VND/section (for MFA Members)

• Discount 10%-20% depends on the number of sections are registered


Family training program: parents and kids 

• 5 couples/group (*couple includes 1 parent and 1 kid)

• Training time is proposed by the group 

• 5 parents will have work-out lessons – Crossfit with 1 trainer

• 5 kids will be trained with another trainer during the training time. 

Fee: 300.000VND/couple 


Membership Fee: 

• 1 month : 1.200.000 VND

• 3 months : 3.000.000 VND

• 6 months : 5.000.000 VND

• 12 months : 6.000.000 VND